I'm The King

Boy: Mom! Mommy! Remember when we went to the panther movie and they were flying around and fighting each other? That's what I wanna do. I'm gonna be fighting the bad guys and go to Wananda!

Mom: Boy, if you don't sit yourself down on that bottom and hush!

Boy: I don't have to!

Mom: Excuse me? You don't have to what? Do not make me force you to sit down on this train. These people will watch you be embarrassed, sit down!

Boy: You can't catch me in Wananda! I'm protected by my magic farm cape!

Mom: Boy, if you don't sit down before I WAKANDA your ass on this train!

The boy quickly sits down. I smile at him, you know, to show I'm supportive of his enthusiasm. He laughs innocently (as only a child can) and whispers loudly...

Boy: It's ok, she doesn't know I'm really the king *giggles*

#blackpanther #imtheking