Innocence in the morning


I walked to the back of the bus and sat down, per usual, for my brief AM commute. I noticed a young man in front of me was stroking the cheek of his sleeping girlfriend. He was precariously situated in order to maximize her comfort. As I was staring at them (I was being rude, y'all), he smiled at me...

Handsome young man: She works two jobs and goes to school and sometimes she gets so tired that she misses her stop *stops to catch his breath*

Me: Isn't that the worst?!

Handsome young man: Right?! I ride with her when I can so she get sleep until her stop.

Me: That's really sweet of you. I can't think of too many people who'd do that for family, let alone a girlfriend *laughter*

Handsome young man: Hey, it's hard enough being a girl these days! I might as well do what I can to alleviate some of the stress of school and work. If riding the bus for an extra 30 minutes helps her get through her day, I'm down for it.

Me: *trying not to be emotional* You're a rare find, my man. I hope she graduates and gives you a shot out as she walks across the stage!

Handsome young man: Nah, I wouldn't see it! I'll be at the bottom of the stairs waiting to hug her. I figure taking care of the women I know might help them make it through the other [guys] that don't and hurt them. It starts small, right?

Me: Absolutely it does.