The "Come Up"

Teenager girl 1: I wanna be so rich that I don't care about anything. Like, I wanna Michael Jackson through Gucci and be like "Bitch, throw it in my bag!"

Teenage girl 2: Maaan, you sound dumb. How you gon' be makin' all that money? You ain't got no job and you barely be doin' the reading for class.

Teenager girl 1: Yo, Ima come up like Ms. Amber Rose and Ima be in the strip club stacking my money up. I already have like soooo many Instagram followers that hype me. Bet Ima be famous like her real quick after I start stripping.

Teenage girl 2: You don't have no rhythm and you ain't cute. Amber Rose was fly from the jump, son. You gon' need to get yo surgery before you start dancing cause ya face is busted. 

Teenage girl 1: Why you do me like that?! You know I'm cute and I get hella dudes.

Teenage girl 2: You're not "Amber Rose gettin' money" cute. You're "accidentally get knocked up and be havin' yo kids friends like you" cute.