I was 20 years old when my favorite accessory was stolen - rose colored glasses.

Man, I wore the innocence and naivety that accompanied them like a badge of honor. Enjoying the freedom my parent's strictness gave me. A lifetime of shielding, ruined in the longest 4 hours I've ever known. Barely an adult. Still unsure of who I was. Because of you, sometimes I still am.

Confusion and guilt weighed heavily on my heart and caused me to shrink away for a year. 365 days donated to for your momentary satisfaction and brief pleasure.

I was ashamed of that innocence for the first time in my life, because now I no longer possessed it - you did. I made it to 20 years old. Some girls don't even make it to 10.

Occasionally, I reach for those glasses in my dreams, but you hold guard and swat me away. Laughing at my futile attempts to rescue what little is left of that young woman. I always wake up in a cold sweat. And I always feel your eyes on me...staring from the darkest corner of the room. Leering over me with sadistic amusement in your eyes.

I just want those glasses back so I can see the world as I use to; the world used to be a good place with good people. But mostly I just want my fucking rose colored glasses back.

#stayweird #metoo