LeeUppity is a life-long dream come alive for Lee Michael. A mid-western gal by default, Lee enjoys sharing her light-hearted and optimistic view of life with everyone around her. A quirky and usually frizzy haired (occasionally chic) New Yorker, Lee is finally able to fulfill her life’s purpose: to share laughter and love. LeeUppity is a love letter to life penned by Lee. A collection of thoughts, ideas, theories (yes, all the conspiracies!), photographs, people to adore and bad hair days (hint: there are A LOT of them) all seen through the eyes of a self-proclaimed “unicorn” and tater tot addict. Hopefully, you will enjoy reading it as much as she enjoys living it.

When not sharing her zest for life via LeeUppity, Lee Michael can be found encouraging shoulder shimmying or judging tater tots by their crunch factor.